Fuvest 2023: the 1st call was announced; check out the listing!

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The more than 30,000 candidates who took the entrance exam on the 8th and 9th of January will be able to check the first call of those approved. This Friday, January 27th, the fuvest released the list of those approved in the first call of 2023. Along with the names of the new College students, the official answer key for the test and the registration date of new students at the university were released.

According to the organization, the first day of the test included Portuguese and Writing disciplines, with 7.2% abstention from candidates. Already on the second day, January 9, the percentage of absences increased. Specific questions were applied for the chosen course, with 8% of student candidates missing.

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The release of the list was scheduled to take place on the 30th, but it was brought forward without any explanation from the bank. The date remained so that students can check their writing performance through this website. https://app.fuvest.br/login. Check out!

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Fuvest announces approved list

Candidates will be able to check the list of names through this link: https://www.fuvest.br/wp-content/uploads/fuvest2023_chamada_1.pdf; and the official feedback for the second phase is available on this website: https://www.fuvest.br/wp-content/uploads/fuvest2023_abordagens_esperadas_2fase.pdf.

Those approved will be able to enroll from January 31st, next Tuesday, until February 6th at 4 pm.

Second call

The list for candidates approved in the second call will be released on February 10, after the registration period for the first call. The registration period for the candidates of the next call has not yet been announced.

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