Unemployment – ​​to share or not to share with children?

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Education always starts at home. Who has never heard this well-known phrase? This is one of the most consistent popular sayings, as well-educated children and adolescents, who receive information at home and who they are charged with their responsibilities, they grow up knowing how to face the fears, anxieties and victories that life presents us with every morning.
With the modern world, the arrival of technology and its development, in addition to the changes in values ​​that society imposes, we have seen that rampant consumerism has increased a lot.
Young people and children are encouraged by the media to buy games, toys, clothes, shoes, luxury items, in addition to technological items such as: mp3, mp4, mp5, cell phones, ipods, video games, minigames, among several others that, apparently, are harmless, but that do not add much to the good training of infants. In addition, the cost of these is nothing low so that they will soon be forgotten, unused inside cabinets and drawers.
The truth is that children must be raised within the economic possibilities of their parents, without them sacrificing themselves to fill them with desire.

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Opening the game is the best option

Parents must share their financial conditions with their children, showing them that there are priorities for life such as the bills that must be paid, the savings that need to be made, the vacation and tour money that must be booked, among several other important situations for your lives.
In case of unemployment it is no different. Parents must share the problem yes, as this is a reality that everyone is subject to go through. And children and young people must learn to be economically aware of how much it costs to earn a decent wage to support the family.
In addition, it is a great opportunity to talk, leading them to reflect on what each one can do to help save in this difficult period. Parents themselves can demand, show saving attitudes such as not brushing their teeth with the faucet open, leaving the shower in the "summer" temperature, keep electronic devices turned off when not in use, not waste food and hygiene products, etc.
Thus, they will have a good way to learn to participate in the life of the family as a whole, after all, education starts at home.

By Jussara de Barros
Graduated in Pedagogy
Brazil School Team

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Source: Brazil School - https://brasilescola.uol.com.br/psicologia/desempregocompartilhar-ou-nao-com-os-filhos.htm

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