What not to eat when suffering from gastritis?

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Gastritis is an inflammation that occurs in the inner wall of the stomach and can cause a lot of pain. In addition, it can generate a burning sensation, discomfort when eating, nausea and nausea.

According to research, there are several factors that can generate this evil, including a deregulated and unhealthy diet. Therefore, we have compiled a list of bad foods for gastritis and also to avoid this problem. Check out!

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Bad foods for gastritis

  • Coffee

We Brazilians have the habit of drinking coffee practically all day long, but this practice is very harmful for our stomach. After all, caffeine can injure the stomach wall when ingested in excess. Therefore, it is recommended that people with gastritis always use decaffeinated coffee, which is easier on the stomach.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the main responsible for the increase of acid secretion in our stomach. Therefore, he is also one of the great causes of gastritis and an enemy of the treatment of this problem. In this way, it is always important to control the consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially those more intense, such as vodka and whiskey.

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  • citrus fruits

Speaking of acidity, another food capable of increasing the acid in our stomach is lemon. This fruit may contain numerous benefits for our health, but it is bad for our stomach. This is because it has a high concentration of acid, as well as other citrus fruits, such as oranges.

  • spicy foods

Excess pepper in food can cause discomfort in our esophagus and stomach. It may even be responsible for the emergence of stomach wounds and intensify the gastritis framework. Therefore, care must be taken when seasoning food and avoiding the concentration of different types of pepper.

  • Greasy food

Fatty foods generate a series of harm to our body, starting with our stomach. Incidentally, a diet based on fatty meats, excess lactose and processed foods is the cause of gastritis for many people. Therefore, prefer organic and natural foods, free of preservatives and trans fats.


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