Multiplying a Real Number by a Matrix

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Arrays are important mathematical structures in organizing data into rows and columns. They are extremely important in solving linear systems and linear equations. Thus, matrices are a unique tool in other areas, such as: Engineering, Computing and other sciences. Between matrices we can perform calculations involving addition, subtraction and multiplication.
Let's demonstrate how to multiply a real number by an array of type mxn, where m represents the rows and n the columns. This type of multiplication is very simple, as it is enough to multiply the real number by all the elements belonging to the matrix. Watch:

Let's perform some more multiplications in order to fix the methods used in this type of operation.
given the matrices  and , determine:
a) 2A + 3B

b) 7A - 6B

by Mark Noah
Graduated in Mathematics
Brazil School Team

Matrix and Determinate - Math - Brazil School

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