Learn how to participate in vehicle auctions with unmissable prices

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On August 1st, the State Traffic Department of Amazonas will hold an auction with more than 400 vehicles. Cars and motorcycles are among the automobiles that are being offered at lower than market prices. In that sense, if you want to know How to participate in the Detran-AM vehicle auction, just continue reading this article.

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See more details of the Detran-AM vehicle auction

Participating in the auction of the Amazonas State Department of Transit is an opportunity for those want to purchase a new vehicle at a lower price than is normally sold in the market automotive.

Thus, the initial cost of a car is $200 and a motorcycle is $100. This will be the third auction held by Detran-AM this year. For those who want to know, the session will be held remotely, i.e. online. To participate in the competition and have access to more than 400 vehicles that are available, all interested parties must register on the

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WR Leiles.

How will it work?

The prior visitation of the auction items will take place on the 27th, 28th and 29th of July, from 8am to 4pm. Those interested need to go to the WR Leiles office, located at the intersection of Manoel Urbano and Quadra O, number 7, in the Cacau Pirra neighborhood, in Iranduba.

Participants have the right to visually inspect the vehicles during the visit in order to assess how well the assets are being preserved. Therefore, it is prohibited to dispute the condition of the vehicle after purchase. Therefore, for those who have the opportunity, the ideal is to visit and personally inspect all the desired items before the auction takes place.

Therefore, if you are looking to change your car or buy a new one, but do not want to pay the “normal” market price, you cannot miss the chance to participate in the Detran-AM auction.


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