Here's What's Coming to Netflix in January 2023

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With the new year coming, the Netflix will renew its catalog, bringing more series and movies to its streaming service. Among the names, there are some long-awaited, others less known, but highly acclaimed by both critics and the public, releases, other sequels and the like.

For example, the unprecedented series “That ’90s Show”, which will be like a continuation and a spin-off of the beloved sitcom of the 1990s. 1990, “That ’70s Show,” which will follow a new group of teenage friends, showcasing some beloved faces from the series previous.

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Another premiere that drew attention was the action series “Kaleidoscope”, which has a very different premise, with the first seven episodes can be watched in any order, as long as they are seen before the eighth and final one episode. In addition to this peculiarity, the series has Gus Fring, star of “Better Call Saul” and “Breaking Bad”, which in itself already draws a lot of attention.

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Another film that arrives on Netflix streaming in January is “Certain People”, which has a very strong cast when the The subject is comedy, bringing the names of: Jonah Hill, David Duchovny, Lauren London, Julia Louis-Drefus, Nia Long and Eddie Murphy.

Check out the releases and dates for the first month of the year on Netflix below:

January 1st

  • “Gokushufudou: Immortal Tatsu” (Season 2);
  • “Kaleidoscope” (miniseries).

January 4th

  • “The Lying Life of Adults” (Season 1);
  • “Bernie Madoff: The Wall Street Hustler” (miniseries);
  • “How I Became a Gangster” (film);
  • “The Kings of the World” (film).

January 5th

  • “The Woman of the Dead” (Season 1);
  • “Copenhagen Cowboy” (Season 1);
  • “Ginny and Georgia” (Season 2).

January 6th

  • “Chefs Under Pressure” (Season 1);
  • “Mumbai Mafia: Police Against Organized Crime” (film);
  • “The Pale Blue Eye” (film);
  • “Ultimate Pokémon Journeys Series” (Season 1).

january 9th

  • “O Bonde” (new episode).

January, 10

  • “The Hitchhiker Kai: Hero or Killer?” (film).

January 11th

  • “Noise” (film);
  • “Sexify” (Season 2).

January 12th

  • “Makanai: Cooking for the Maiko House” (Season 1);
  • “Vikings: Valhalla” (Season 2).

January 13

  • “Amor Entre Amigos: O Casamento” (film);
  • “Break Point” (1st part of 1st season);
  • “Justice for Uphaar” (Season 1);
  • “Wanted Gonker” (film);
  • Sky Rojo (Season 3).

January 19th

  • “Warriors” (miniseries);
  • “Junji Ito: Macabre Stories from Japan” (1st season);
  • “That ’90s Show” (Season 1).

January 20th

  • “The Legend of Shahmaran” (Season 1);
  • “City of Chaos” (Season 1);
  • “Empire of Ostentation: New York” (Season 1);
  • “JUNG_E” (movie);
  • “Majnu Mission” (film);
  • “President by Accidental” (Season 1).

January 21th

  • “Alchemy of Souls” (new episode).

January 24th

  • “The Battle of the 100” (Season 1).

January 25th

  • “Love: Truth or Dare – Poland” (Season 1);
  • “Na Luta” (1st season);
  • “The Price of the Family” (film).

January 27th

  • “The Girl on the Tape” (Season 1);
  • “Lockwood & Co.” (1st Season).

January 31st

  • “Pamela Anderson: A Love Story” (film).

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