Learn more about celebrity deaths!

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When we learn about celebrity deaths, the first thing that crosses our mind is the reason for the death, isn't it? That's why the autopsy it's so important. In it, the victim's body is examined in order to record the moment and reason for death, taking into account the illnesses and injuries caused in life. In this post you find out the conclusions of the death certificates of the famous. Check out!

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What do celebrity autopsies say?

If you are curious to know the cause of death of celebrities, you will enjoy reading the information that we provide below. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy!

Amy Winehouse

The singer was found dead in her bed with bottles of vodka. With a large amount of alcohol in the blood, the autopsy determined death by alcoholism.

Brandon Lee

While filming "The Crow", Bruce Lee's son died shot by a 44 caliber firearm, whose bullet was found in his spine.

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Carrie Fisher

Princess Leia of the original “Star Wars” trilogy, died of cardiac arrest during a flight, caused by sleep apnea. However, substances such as cocaine and MDMA were found in her system.

Cassia Eller

The singer suffered three cardiac arrests and died at the age of 39. The suspects were a cocaine overdose, but no illicit substance was found in her body.

Elis Regina

The singer was found unconscious at home. He had no history of drug use, but the death report from the IML determined cocaine and alcohol intoxication.

Heath Ledger

The actor, best known for his role as the Joker in "The Dark Knight," died accidentally of acute intoxication from the combined effects of prescription drugs.

Johnny Lewis

In 2012, the actor, who was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, fell from a terrace after killing an 81-year-old woman, who was his tenant.

Michael Jackson

The “king of pop” died in 2009, due to the presence of the substance propofol in a fatal dose for the organism, which had been prescribed by his doctor.


In 2016, the world mourned the death of this great artist, victim of an accidental overdose of fentanyl, a potent opioid pain reliever.

robin williams

The actor and comedian left us in 2014. He had struggled with mental health issues for years and on August 11th, he took his own life by asphyxiation.


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