THESE countries are world leaders in coconut production

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O coconut is the face of the Brazilian coast. The fruit is present on beaches, bars and swimming pools, in addition to combining perfectly after performing physical exercises. However, you will be surprised to discover that Brazil is not the biggest coconut producer. Keep reading and find out who is the biggest coconut producer of the world.

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Coconut: versatile fruit and present in several countries around the world

Coconut is a very old fruit. Since the time of the Great Navigations, it was traded by Arabs and Africans through sea routes. Nowadays, coconut is part of many people's daily lives, in addition to being an ingredient in gastronomic preparations and working as an isotonic after practicing physical exercises.

The shape of the coconut tree resembles a palm tree and reaches several meters in height. It is present in several tropical and subtropical countries and in some regions of the United States, such as Florida and California. The hot climate is the favorite of coconut trees, for this reason, they do well in countries with high temperatures.

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Coconut trees like heat

Coconut trees are plants from tropical regions, because they love warm and humid climates, especially in coastal areas such as coastlines. The ideal temperature for the development of the plant is around 35°C, while colder climates, below 20°C, are not suitable for coconut tree growth.

In addition to heat, the occurrence of rain is important to circulate water in the roots of the plant. It is estimated that after the period of germination and growth of the plant, only one coconut tree is capable of producing more than 100 coconuts per year.

Philippines and Indonesia lead world coconut production

Indonesia and the Philippines are global leaders in coconut production. Only in Indonesia, there are more than 16 million tons per year. Behind are the Philippines and India, which together are responsible for more than 70% of world production of the fruit.

In Asian countries, the coconut tree not only represents the economy, but has a strong cultural and spiritual connotation. It is known as the tree of life or abundance, as well as being part of festivals and being planted as a lucky charm.
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