Remember the main discoveries that were frozen for millions of years

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With global warming becoming a growing concern, many glaciers are melting. That's why we are able to find many remnants of the past. These frozen discoveries are up to millions of years old, which impresses curious and scholars. Were you curious to know what some of these glaciers were hiding? Here are the main elements that were literally frozen in time.

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Stunning Frozen Discoveries

Although it sounds like a lie, ice actually has this unbelievable ability to preserve some things that are made of different materials and even for thousands of years. No wonder they suspected that large glaciers could hide objects from the past. And not only that! Bodies of beings, like animals or people, too.

with the changes climatic, several glaciers are disappearing. Almost every time one of them is thawing, several impressive artifacts that were frozen and lost to time appear.

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Check out some of those that have already been identified.

18,000 year old dog

Found in Russia, the puppy was extremely well maintained. It was still possible to find their eyes, teeth, whiskers and even their eyelashes. The fur was still present, so it didn't seem like that much time had passed since his death.

Climbers on Everest

Unfortunately, many people have already ventured to climb Mount Everest and never returned home. With the melting of these huge piles of ice, many corpses of these climbers began to appear.

military artifacts

Italian glaciers are in the process of melting too. With that, several objects from the military that were at war have appeared.


Found in 2007, the mammoth calf – named Lyuba – appeared in Siberia. To this day, it holds the title of the best-preserved mammoth calf ever found, even though it has been dead for 41,800 years.

Bones at Skeleton Lake

The Indian glacial lake hides several bones of corpses that already have years of existence.


An extremely valuable find. A climber, while on Mont Blanc, found a box full of jewelry that probably belonged to one of the passengers of a flight which fell in 1966.


Scientists in Russia have found a seed of Silene stenophylla that is thousands of years old. They even tried to cultivate it and luckily were successful.

Iron Age Artifacts

With the melting of ice in Norway, many artifacts have appeared, including those from the Iron Age.

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