Meaning of Antithesis (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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Antithesis is figure of speech characterized by the presentation of words of opposite meanings.

The word antithesis comes from the Greek term antithesis, which means resistance or opposition. For this reason, the antithesis (which is also a figure of thought) is the contraposition of distinct concepts, words or objects.

The antithesis is used in the field of literature but also in the plastic arts. This figure of speech is more common in languages ​​such as Latin and Greek, where the agglutination of words helps in comparing characteristics, making reality stand out.

During the Renaissance, in the plastic arts the law of symmetry was predominant, which evolved into the dynamics of Baroque contrast. The use of fiery contrast of light and shadow is known as an antithetical process.

The use of two opposite words in the same sentence is known as antithesis, as we can see in the following examples: Living and dying are the most natural things in the world. / Joy and sadness are part of my work.

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antithesis and paradox

Many people confuse antithesis with paradox, which are two figures of thought. The difference is that while antithesis reveals words that have opposite meanings, paradox indicates a contradiction of ideas that is found in a single sentence or thought. The paradox refers to a deeper opposition of certain concepts, expressing ideas that are incompatible and sometimes inconceivable to intellectual understanding.

Let's look at some examples of paradox: Your darkness lit up my life. / Loneliness is my best company.

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