Meaning of Apotheosis (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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Apotheosis is the act of deifying or deifying a person as a result of some particularity or special circumstance.

The link created between the nature of the human being and the idealization of the divine being is the central point of the concept of apotheosis. Throughout human history, human beings have related some outstanding characters with divine figures, either because of circumstances or outstanding personality characteristics of these people.

In several ancient civilizations, for example, with emphasis on Ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire and Ancient Greece, the emperors and leaders of these nations were, for the most part, elevated to the level of deities, reaching apotheosis either during life or after life. death.

This term is also widely used in the artistic field, mainly to refer to the summit of a show or at the end of a scene that was masterfully done, for example. In the plastic arts, however, apotheosis usually describes the deification and glorification of the character of a work, in addition to the references made about the deities.

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Etymologically, the word "apotheosis" originated from the Latin apotheosis, which in turn is derived from the Greek apotheoun (apo, "change", and theos, “god”), which means “deify”, and which means “to become god”.

By extension, apotheosis can also be understood as an honor given to the public individual as a way of acknowledging his contribution.

At Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the well-known "Apotheosis Square" it is the final point of the samba schools parade, which takes place annually at the Sambódromo. Also known as “Passarela do Samba”, this building is considered an icon of Rio de Janeiro's architecture and was designed by Rio de Janeiro architect Oscar Niemeyer.

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