Meaning of Uncompromising (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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Uncompromising is an adjective that qualifies someone as intolerant, who is uncompromising in their ideas and values, acting in a harsh, implacable and rigorous way, without giving any chance for a concession to occur about something that they believe in.

One uncompromising person it is characterized by its emotional rigidity and austere behavior, being unable to try to see a situation, for example, from a different point of view than the one who believes.

In a general context, intransigence is considered a negative quality, as it is often typical of intolerant and prejudiced individuals, who can hardly accept and respect the particularities of each person.

See also:meaning of intolerance.

Synonymous with uncompromising

  • Unbreakable;
  • Intractable;
  • Firm;
  • Supercilious;
  • Inflexible;
  • Stubborn;
  • Intolerant;
  • Inexorable;
  • Incomplacent;
  • Austere;
  • fierce;
  • Imperative.

See also:meaning of inexorable.

The main ones antonyms of uncompromising are: compromising; condescending; permissive; receptive; assignor; liberal; malleable; flexible; indulgent; adaptable; tolerant; mild; deferent; versatile; accessible; candid and simple.

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