5G connection: government requires antenna upgrades in cities

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The Internet 5G arrived in Brazil in 2021, but it still has a long way to go before it becomes effective. This happens because of the new requirements for operators to be able to send the signal everywhere. It would be necessary to enable new antennas for the demand to be received, but municipal laws have prevented effective action. Learn more throughout the article.

Expansion of the 5G connection requires new antennas

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The auction for the implementation of the 5g internet took place in 2021, but bureaucratic issues in the city halls prevent the effective implementation of the service. By the way, the change is a relevant proposal for the population and for the rulers.

The Federal Government had to intervene to alert mayors about the need to update municipal laws. Juscelino Filho, minister of communications in the Lula government, met with representatives of telephone operators to investigate the case.

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About 66% of Brazilian cities have not updated the regulation that authorizes the implementation of antennas. The percentage refers to 271 cities in Brazil.

It was found that municipalities did not care about the upgrade required to receive the 5G connection. Through the positioning of indecision, the Ministry of Communications needed to take the reins for the effective implementation to occur.

“Positive silence” for operators

The 5G connection requires antennas to be installed for the signal to support greater range and greater demand from connected people. With the update showing low, the Ministry of Communications said it will closely monitor the municipalities and remind them of the required need at the moment.

Even so, the outlook for continuity for 5g internet is improving. In 2022, the “positive silence” law ensured that operators are authorized if they do not get responses from municipalities.

A period of 60 days was given for the municipalities to respond to the institutions and, if they do not move, the automatic installation will be authorized by the Federal government.

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