Meaning of However (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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Obstacle means impediment, embarrassment. It is a term derived from the noun "obstacle" and has a similar meaning. However, it designates everything that causes an impediment, which makes it difficult to implement a situation or idea.

The word nevertheless has the same meaning as the conjunctive phrases "in spite of this" and "however" that express opposition. It is also synonymous with "as if that weren't enough" and "in spite of that" used to counteract a previously mentioned idea. The prepositional phrase "in spite of" also has the same meaning.

"Despite expressing opposition to a given situation or idea presented, however, it does not prevent its implementation. "Nevertheless" is a little used expression and has the same meaning as "nevertheless".

Examples of the use of "notwithstanding":

"However the advice given by his mother, he decided to leave the course". (The advice given by his mother did not prevent him from dropping out of the course)

"He was always a calm and polite boy, However

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reacted violently to the comments". (In this situation, "nevertheless" is synonymous with "however" or "in spite of that")

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