Meaning of Simulacrum (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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simulacrum is the imitation made about something or someone, an imagery representation that misleads by conveying a certain thing as real, being in fact false or incorrect.

Within the scope of Philosophy, Jean Baudrillard (1929 - 2007) was known for developing the idea of ​​simulacrum in contemporary society. For Baudrillard, with the advancement in the media, the media came to exert an enormous influence on the masses. Thus, according to the philosopher, reality ceased to exist and people started to live and give more importance to representations about reality that are disseminated by the media.

Simulators are those erroneous simulations about reality that arouse greater attraction to the spectator than the object or situation being reproduced.

The concept of the simulacrum is widely applied in the media, especially in journalism, to represent how a news or information can be manipulated in order to deceive people in relation to a certain issue or situation, by example.

weapon simulacrum

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A firearm simulacrum is an identical replica of a real firearm, with the exception of the inability to fire. THE commercialization of weapons simulacra is illegal in Brazil.

As a rule, its use is applied in training for specialized groups or for leisure, but it can only be acquired with an authorization.

Due to their resemblance to real firearms, simulacra are also often used by criminals to carry out crimes.

Simulacra and Simulation

According to the treatise by the philosopher Jean Baudrillard, simulacrum corresponds to imperfect copies of reality, that is, representations that try to give veracity to something that is not equivalent to reality. Simulation, on the other hand, consists of the repetition of something that actually exists in reality.

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