Exception or Exception: How To Spell?

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Exception” or “exception”? This is a common question when writing. But know that the correct is "exception". This word is used to indicate an exclusion or deviation from a rule. Already "excess", which points out something that exceeds the usual, is written with "ss" because it has a different etymology from the word "exception".

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Exception” or “excession”: which is the correct spelling?

The correct spelling is "exception":

Let's open one exception and allow you to take the test tomorrow.

She showed me, in practice, that every rule has exception.

I made a mistake too, I wasn't one exception.

What does "exception" mean?

The word "exception" is a substantive which has the following meanings:

  • delete action:

My colleagues were unfair to me, to exception of Augustus.

  • Deviation from a rule:

We will not admit any exception to the norm established by the prefecture.

  • privileged situation:

I was not punished, as I was in a context of exception.

  • Singularity:

The artist is always a exception.

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Synonyms for “exception”

  • Exclusion

  • Exemption

  • Prerogative

  • Privilege

  • regalia

  • Reservation

  • caveat

  • Restriction

  • Advantage

exception x excess

The terms “exception” and “excess” have different etymologies.“Exception” comes from the Latin exception. “Excess” is derived from the verb “to exceed”, which, in turn, has its origin in the Latin exceed. Of different origins, they also have a orthography distinct.

And obviously different meanings. After all, "excess" indicates that which goes beyond the usual. In addition, it may also refer to an abusive act. “Exception”, as we mentioned, is a word that has the same meaning as “exclusion” or “privilege”.

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Solved exercises on “exception” or “exception”

question 01

Read the following text:

And so we started talking: he and I, falsely paternal, as the dialogue went on, warm and eloquent. There was an occasion when he criticized our mania for jobs and doctorates, citing the British and the Americans. "Everyone wants to be a doctor..." I blushed indignantly and replied with some logic that it was impossible for me to break up with her; if the strong and related, those related to graduation appealed, how could I, petty, semi-accepted, do exception? He recommended that I look for him in the office, which I should see ...

LIME BARRETO. Memories of the clerk Isaías Caminha. Sao Paulo: Attica, 1995.

The word “exception”, underlined in the text, can be replaced, without loss of meaning, by the noun:

a) claim.

b) undone.

c) restriction.

d) protest.

e) criticism.


Alternative C

The term “restriction” is one of the synonyms for “exception”. In this case, replacing one term with another would maintain the original meaning of the utterance.

Question 02

Analyze this snippet of song lyrics:

Everyone makes mistakes in this world
There is not exception
When they come back to reality
get forgiveness
Why do I, Lord
I made a mistake the first time
I go through so many troubles
And fight against all mankind?

TOPPER; MARTINS, Oswaldo. Yes. In: CARTOLA. Topper. São Paulo: Marcus Pereira Records, 1974.

In this song lyrics by the famous singer and composer Cartola, the word “excepção”, underlined in the text, indicates that:

a) there is no inclusion in a given rule.

b) there is no excess in a given rule.

c) there is no validity of a certain rule.

d) there is no deviation from a given rule.

e) there is no justice in a given rule.


Alternative D

In the first two verses of the song lyrics, the I lyrical points to a rule or generalization by saying that “everyone makes mistakes in this world”. Then he states that “there is no exception” to this rule, that is, there is no deviation from this rule.

By Warley Souza
Grammar Teacher

Source: Brazil School - https://brasilescola.uol.com.br/gramatica/excecao-ou-excessao.htm

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