Company or company: which is right?

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Company or company? The answer to this question is “company”, because the word “company” does not exist in the Portuguese language. O substantive “company” refers to the action of accompanying someone, the presence of something or someone, an individual accompanying another, the a group of people who have a common purpose, to the partners of a company, and also to the subdivision of a regiment military.

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Topics of this article

  • 1 - Company or company: which is correct?
  • 2 - Meanings of company
  • 3 - When to use the company?
  • 4 - More example sentences with the word company

company or company: which is correct?

The correct thing is to say and write “company”, since the word “compania” does not exist in the cultured Portuguese language.

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company meanings

The word “company” has the following meanings:

  • follow-up action

Leonor did company to your sister.

  • Presence of something or someone

testified at the company from your lawyer.

  • accompanying person

oh you brought company for the exam?

  • Group of people gathered together for a common purpose

That company theater is the most successful in Europe.

  • Partners of a company

Adamastor tourist company and company.

  • Subdivision of a military regiment

A company of marines was alerted.

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When to use the company?

We use the noun “company” to indicate:

  • Action of being with someone

He did company friend throughout the exam.

  • Presence of something or someone

You can only enter school tomorrow if you are in company of a parent or guardian.

  • person accompanying another

Did not have company to the party.

  • Group of people with common interests

A Company of Jesus is a religious order.

  • Partners of a company

Silva law firm company.

  • Subdivision of a military regiment

A company of infantry marches tirelessly.

More example sentences with the word company

We do company each other on work nights.

we are in company of our best friends.

Dinner is tomorrow at eight, and you can bring a company.

I'm part of a company of dance from Minas Gerais.

Veterinarian Orlando Flea and company.

The boy was impressed with the company of artillery.

By Warley Souza
Portuguese teacher

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SOUZA, Warley. "Company or company?"; Brazil School. Available in: Accessed May 22, 2023.

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