World Cup 2022: discover the cuisine of Brazil's opponents

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A World Cup 2022started last Sunday (20) at Qatar. The sporting event brings together 32 football teams on very emotional days.

Brazil had its debut in the World Cup yesterday (24) against Serbia in which he emerged victorious after a score of 2 to 0. Two other teams that will compete against the national team are Switzerland It is Cameroon.

A diversity is very present in world Cup, due to the grandiosity of the championship, which mobilizes hundreds of countries all over the planet.

During this period, it is possible to know a little more about the cultures and characteristics that form the different nations involved. And one of the aspects that call attention is the gastronomy.

Football and cooking dialogue very well. When family and friends get together to watch a game or even in restaurants and bars, food is always present. And she becomes a symbol of that moment of union.

Teachers of technical courses in Gastronomy and Nutrition of the State Technical Schools (Etecs) comment on the food and drinks present in the countries that face Brazil in this first phase of the championship.

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Swiss cuisine

Swiss gastronomy has culinary representatives known for their palate Brazilian. Among the most traditional products are the cheeses and chocolates.

According to Professor Isabela Fonseca Pinheiro, from Etecs Carlos de Campos and Profa. Dr. Doroti Quiomi Kanashiro Toyohara, there are more than 500 types of Swiss cheese. "I would single out the Emmentaler, the one with the eyes, which we call holes. Another product is Gruyere, which tastes even stronger," she says.

O swiss fondue it is a cream cheese known and served by Brazilians, in addition to meats and breads as accompaniments, there they also usually serve it with potatoes.

Red pan with cream cheese, called Swiss fondue
Swiss fondue is heated by a lamp and has several accompaniments.
Credit: Anna Nahabed / Shutterstock

The Swiss have references to German cuisine, such as the potatoes with fillet of beef pork breaded.

According to Isabela, the nutritional quality of Swiss dishes is a concern, so the addition of sugar, for example, is something controlled. Red fruits such as blackberries, raspberries and strawberries stand out as bases for pies, puddings, marinades and jellies.

The next game for the Brazilian team will be against Switzerland. The match will take place next Monday (28), starting at 13h, in Brasilia time.

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Serbian cuisine

Serbia is located in the southeast of the European continent, in a region known as the Balkans. With a strong influence of the cuisine of Greece It is Türkiye, the flavors present in the dishes served are familiar with the Mediterranean region.

Ariane Feltrin, professor at Etec Alberto Santos Dumont, in Guarujá, mentions the most common ingredients among servants, which are fruits, cheeses, tomatoes, onions It is Bell peppers.

Table full of typical Serbian dishes
Diverse dishes that are common in Serbia.
Credit: Baloncici / Shutterstock

Stews, strudel and sauerkraut type breads and canned cabbage are references of German gastronomy also present in Serbia, explains the educator.

The bakeries and snack bars there are called pekaras, says educator Henrique Santos from Etec Professor Camargo Aranha, in São Paulo. According to him, in these places it is common to serve an artisanal hamburger made with pork, beef or lamb. This dish is known as pljeskavica. Freshwater fish are also common in servant dishes.

For those who like alcoholic drinks, the rajika is an option liquor handcrafted with an alcohol content of 40%. there the beers they are usually sold in 1.5 or 2 liter plastic bottles.

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Cameroon cuisine

Brazil's last opponent in the group stage is a representative of African continent, Cameroon. Located in Central Africa, Cameroonian cuisine has some similarities with ours.

Professor Ariane says that they make a dish called koki corn, it uses corn in grains, cornmeal, spinach and oil, the set resembles couscous, he points out.

A cassava it is used as a base for some dishes as among Brazilians. Ariane mentions the fufu of water, a dumpling that is accompanied by stews.

Henrique expands the food coincidences between Brazil and Cameroon. over there banana it is also used in different ways, being grilled, fried or in dumplings.

Fried dumplings with beans
This is the puff puff with beans, a common breakfast dish for Cameroonians.
Credit: The Taxi Photographer / Shutterstock

As for drinks, Professor Henrique cites the matango, which is a wine palm oil produced from plant sap with a high content of alcohol.

Sheila Lima, professor at Etec Julio de Mesquisa, in Santo André, talks about ndolé, a Cameroonian dish that can be made with beef or fish, is very spicy and accompanied by peanuts.

Crocodile and porcupine meat are some examples that the educator brings as exotic dishes from Cameroon.

A match between Brazil and Cameroon takes place next Friday (2) at 4 pm and marks the end of the first phase of the World Cup.

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By Lucas Afonso

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