How to register for Encceja: step by step

Applications for the National Examination for the Certification of Youth and Adult Skills (encceja) open only once a year. Generally, the term lasts 10 days between May and June. In 2022, they were received between May 24 and June 4.

Brazilians interested in the certificate of completion of elementary or high school must register in the Encceja official website. No fee is charged.

Before showing you how to register for Encceja, see if you can take the test.

Elementary School: for Brazilians with at least 15 years old until the day of the test

High school: for Brazilians with at least 18 years old until the day of the test

1) Access the official website

The first step to register in Encceja is to access the official site. The screen will ask you to enter your CPF and date of birth, and click on a particular picture.

2) Personal data

The second screen will show your data and ask you to complete the rest: father's name (optional); color or race; marital status; nationality; state and city where you were born.

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3) Address

Still on the same screen, enter your address with zip code. If you don't know the zip code, you can check it on the Correios website.

Click on the image to enlarge

4) Specialized service

The next screen is about specialized care. Check this option if you need any accessibility features, such as proof in LIBRAS and proof with enlarged letters. When marking your condition, you will need to send some certificate or document that proves it.

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5) Type of evidence

This is the most important part of Encceja's registration and that can generate some doubts. You must check whether you want to obtain the certificate of completion of elementary school or high school.

The high school certificate is also valid for elementary school, i.e. if you are 18 years old or older and did not complete any stage of study, there is no need to take the elementary school test before. You can go straight to high school.

If you have never participated in Encceja or do not have a declaration of proficiency in any test, check all four tests (see the image below).

People who have already taken the Encceja and managed to score a test – Mathematics, for example – do not need to take it again.

6) Test city

Select the state and municipality where you want to take the Encceja test. There are about 600 cities available. If your city does not appear, choose the closest one.

7) Certifying institution

Certificates of completion of elementary or high school are not issued by Inep, that is, you cannot access them over the internet. Therefore, choose a certifying institution. This could be your state Department of Education or a federal institute.

After the result of the Encceja, you will have to go to this certifying institution to obtain the diploma. Write it down somewhere so you don't forget.

Find out how to get the Encceja certificate

8) Confirmation of data

On this screen you will only have to verify and confirm your data. If something is wrong, you can change it.

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9) Socioeconomic Questionnaire

The most time-consuming part of Encceja registration has arrived. You will have to fill out a socioeconomic questionnaire with questions about you and your family.

10) Confirm registration

Ready! As you do not need to pay any fee to confirm your enrollment at Encceja, you just have to wait for the test locations to be announced. The test location card is usually released three weeks before the tests.

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