Moose: characteristics, food, habitat

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THE moose (moose moose) It's an animal mammal which stands out for being the largest species of the Cervidae family. It has long, thin legs, massive body, large head, thick neck, small tail and long ears, as well as its snout. The males have large horns, used to fight for the female during the reproductive period.

Gestation lasts an average of 231 days, and females usually give birth to a single calf. moose are animals herbivores that feed on twigs, stems, leaves and shoots. They occur in cold regions of the Northern Hemisphere.

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Topics of this article

  • 1 - Characteristics of the moose
  • 2 - Taxonomic classification of the moose
  • 3 - Moose Habitat
  • 4 - Moose feeding
  • 5 - Moose breeding
  • 6 - Video lesson on mammals

moose characteristics

The moose is characterized as the biggest deer living, with a height of about 2.3 m and a length of 3 m. Males differ from females in being heavier. While they can weigh up to 600 kg, they reach up to 400 kg.

Moose have long, thin legs, a massive body, and a short tail. Its neck is short and thick, and its head is large. They have long ears, as well as their snout, which is drooping.

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sunder the neck of them there is a flap of fur full of fur, The bell. This flap of skin may or may not be present in females. males have big horns, which weigh up to 35 kg. They grow during spring and fall off in winter.

The animal's coat is normally dark, with black to brown or grayish brown fur. The legs are lighter in color. Moose fur is essential for maintaining temperature, helping them to protect themselves from the cold.

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Among the deer, the moose are the least social, being lonely. They communicate through vocalizations, odors and body posture. They are good swimmers and, despite their clumsy appearance, are capable of running up to 56 km/h. They are most active during sunrise and sunset.

Generally, the moose do not live longer than 16 years. Their predators are wolves, bears and cougars. coyotes and tigers can also feed on them.

Taxonomic classification of the moose

Kingdom: animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: mammalia

Order: Cetarthiodactyla

Family: deer

Gender: moose

Species:moose moose

moose habitat

Moose are animals that inhabit cold regions of Hemisphere Nonorth, where seasonal snow cover is observed. These animals can be found in regions of Taiga, Tunodra and temperate forest. Generally, moose live in regions close to ponds, lakes and rivers.

moose feeding

moose are animals herbivores that feed on stems and twigs in winter and shoots and leaves in summer. They can also feed on aquatic vegetation.

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moose breeding

Male elk walking in nature
Moose use their antlers in fighting to mate.

Two mating systems occur among moose. In those who live in the Alaskan tundra, the harem formation, with a dominant male bringing together several females. This male defends the females from other males who want to mate with them. Males that are similar in size to the dominant male can challenge you.

During fights for females, males try to gore each other. These wounds are usually not serious, however, punctures and even injuries to the ribs can occur. In addition to the formation of harems, there are individuals who transient pair bonds. In this case, the males defend only one female.

Moose gestation lasts 231 days. Although twins are common, in general, only one calf is born. A few hours after birth, the pups begin to suckle. Ingestion of other foods is observed days later. During the first five months, moose gain a lot of mass, gaining about 10 times their birth mass. At birth, these animals weigh about 16 kg. The bond between the mother and her calf lasts for up to about a year.

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