7 games to study and prepare for your exams

That hairy test is coming and that nervousness already hits, isn't it? Keep calm! There are several games to study, fix the content and even get distracted a little before D-day! The internet is full of online games free games that amuse us and exercise our brain.

Discover some very interesting options below, in the list we prepared for you!

Games to study math


Kenken is an excellent game to develop logical thinking and practice math. It is a type of arithmetic puzzle in which the objective is to fill a grid with numbers without them repeating in any row or column. The grids can vary in size, the simplest being 4x4.


Who has never had fun with a good game of dominoes? You can also play it online and exercise your math skills by creating the best strategy to place all your pieces on the board. In the online version of good old dominoes, you choose between three game modes, each with its own rules:

  • In Classic, you buy dominoes when you can't move until you find a matching tile.

  • In All-Fives mode, on the other hand, you count the points at the edges of the board after your move. If they add up to a multiple of 5, you score that many points.

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  • Finally, in Block mode, you must pass your turn when you cannot move.

Math Class

Math Class is a game that works like a quiz challenge in which you have to solve different types of math questions using the keyboard to type the answers. The first to get two rounds right wins the match!


To play good old Sudoku, you must use your mouse and keyboard to fill in the white spaces, placing the numbers on the grid. To do this, use numbers from 1 to 9 in each of the 9 rows and 9 columns without repeating them. The game is suitable for both beginners and more experienced players and you can adjust the difficulty level of each game.

Expanding general knowledge

discover the country

The name of the game is pretty self explanatory, but make no mistake: it is quite challenging. Can you guess the names of all the countries on a continent just by looking at their shapes on the map? You can switch between all the continents in the world to get really sharp on the names. In Discover the country, you exercise your geographical knowledge while having a lot of fun!

what came first

What came first? The egg or the chicken? It is with the classic question that we present this online game option for you to have fun and practice your general knowledge. The games work like a quiz, in which you will have two alternatives to always answer the same question: What came first?

Want to see an example? Which came first, Instagram or Twitter? Do you know the answer? Well, this game is a great way to expand your general knowledge!

Logical reasoning ready to attack


One of the oldest and most popular games in the world is also available for free online. People from all over the world have been playing chess for centuries as a form of fun and to practice logical reasoning, and you can also join the practice. In the online version of the game, you must use the mouse to move your pieces around the board.

As in the original game, there are 6 types of pieces (pawns, rooks, bishops, knights, king and queen), which move in different ways. Remember: chess is about strategy and reasoning. Therefore, you need to get your mental muscles moving if you want to defeat your opponent!

Did you like to know our list of games to study and prepare for your tests? With these options, you'll really have fun as you prepare to excel in any test.

By Brazil School Team

Source: Brazil School - https://brasilescola.uol.com.br/dicas-de-estudo/sete-jogos-para-estudar-e-se-preparar-para-suas-provas.htm


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