Simple subject: what is it, sentences, exercises, summary

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simple subject is one that has only one core. To identify a subject's core, it is necessary to locate the subject's main word. she can be a substantive, a noun term or a pronoun. In addition to the simple subject, there is the compound subject, which has two or more nuclei.

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Simple subject summary

  • THE subject is an essential term of prayer.

  • The main element of the subject is called the nucleus.

  • The simple subject is one that has only one nucleus.

  • The composite subject has two or more nuclei.

What is a simple subject?

The subject is an essential term of the sentence. It is the element about which we declare something. It can also be defined as what practices or undergoes the action indicated by the verb with which he agree:

The kiss it was sweet and wild at the same time.

In this statement, what element are we talking about? Who or what is sweet and wild? The answer is: “the kiss”.

Now look at this example:

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The boys they ran to the beach.

So who practices the action of running? The answer is: “the boys”.

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Furthermore, it must be said that each subject has one or more nuclei, since the nucleus is the main part of the subject, that is, the word that is the center of the statement or is directly related to the verb. therefore he it can be a noun, a noun word or a pronoun.

So what is the core of each subject expressed in the previous examples? In the first case, it is the noun “kiss”; in the second, the word “boys”.

That said, we can say that the SIMPLE SUBJECT is the one who presents just a core:

THE fear it is necessary.

We we want more!

THE to want is human.

Nothing it is worth it!

Thus, all previous subjects have only one core: “fear”, “us”, “wanting” and “nothing”. Therefore, all these sentences have a simple subject.

Differences between simple subject and compound subject

The simple subject has only one core. already the compound subject has two or more nuclei:

the book and the notebook were in the backpack.

Daisy, Rose and Flora bought a factory.

In the first example, the compound subject “The book and the notebook” has two cores: “book” and “notebook”. In the second, the composite subject “Daisy, Rose and Flora” has three cores: “Daisy”, “Pink” and “Flora”.

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Simple subject sentences

Frederick Douglass it is an American symbol of the struggle for freedom.

They like to read poetry.

the dawn brought the joy back.

Maria Callas leaves me moved.

the stones of the way they didn't make him back down.

great difficulties bring great sufferings.

Simple subject exercises

Question 01 (UENP)

It was just after they “debuted” as grandparents in 2012 that publicist Elisabete Junqueira and journalist Jorge Luiz de Souza decided to create the site Avocidade, which turned one year old this week, precisely on Grandparents' Day — July 26th. the brand brings over the letter “O” an inverted caret, a way of portraying both genders equally. Parents of five children and grandparents of five children, the couple says that they carried out a long research before reaching the conclusion that there was no space on the Internet that contemplated the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. Our goal is to connect generations, so much so that the site was born with a channel for the grandchildren, says Elisabete. For Jorge, the participation of grandparents in site, suggesting themes and sending photos, it's a callsign that they use the Internet, yea. “They no longer go to the square to play dominoes”, she jokes, to which Elisabete adds, “the grandmothers they are no longer Dona Benta”, referring to the most famous grandmother in Brazilian children's literature.

(Adapted from: GONÇALVES, E. Connecting generations. Londrina Leaf. July 29 2016. Friday's Sheet Supplement. P. 17.)

Regarding the underlined words in the text that perform the subject function, consider the following items.

I. the brand

II. a channel

III. the Internet

IV. the grandmothers

Check the correct alternative.

a) Only items I and II are correct.

b) Only items I and IV are correct.

c) Only items III and IV are correct.

d) Only items I, II and III are correct.

e) Only items II, III and IV are correct.


Alternative "b"

In the text, “The brand” and “The grandmothers” are simple subjects. On the other hand, “a channel” is part of an adverbial adjunct, and “the Internet” is a direct object.

question 02

Analyze the statements below and mark the alternative that presents a simple subject.

a) Two men and three women attended the neighborhood club meeting.

b) It was very hot in Corumba on that sunny Sunday afternoon.

c) They asked for a glass of water at the house of soldier Jorginho's neighbor.

d) John's beautiful eyes did not prevent the constant threats against him.

e) For twenty years of my life I had a great secret love.


Alternative "d"

The utterances have the following subjects: compound (letter “a”), non-existent (letter “b”), indeterminate (letter “c”) and implicit (letter “e”). Therefore, the only simple subject is: "The beautiful eyes of John".

by Warley Souza
grammar teacher

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