Qatar World Cup: Protests mark tournament's 1st phase

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Last Friday (2nd) the final matches of the first phase of the Qatar World Cup. In 13 days of championship a series of protests and demonstrations on various causes marked the sporting event.

Since the announcement in 2010 that Qatar would host the world Cup 2022, several criticisms emerged regarding the country. The issue of human rights occupied social debates with the hosting of the sporting event in Qatar.

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Qatar World Cup protests

Check below the protests and demonstrations that took place throughout the first phase of the championship:

'One Love' Armbands

soccer selections cup participants mobilized to wear armbands for their captains with 'One Love' written on them. The item is a form of protest against discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community and in support of gender diversity and forms of love.

After the fact, FIFA threatened to penalize the seven teams that would use the armband with sporting sanctions. With the entity's announcement, the teams gave up taking the field with the accessory.

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Among the selections that would use the armband are: Belgium, England, Denmark, Netherlands, Wales andSwitzerland. France withdrew from the demonstration before FIFA's threat.

in the match between U.S and Iran, held on Tuesday (29), an American fan was removed from the stadium by the police for wearing an armband with the colors of the LGBTQIA+ flag.

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Protests against the death of Iranian Mahsa Amini

In the second round of the group stage, during the game between Will and Wales, an Iranian fan was censured by security after showing off a shirt with the name Mahsa Amini on it.

Mahsa (22) died in September this year while being held in Iranian police custody. She was detained by agents of morality, in the face of an incorrect use of the hijab.

Woman holds photo of Mahsa Amini
A demonstrator holds a sign with a photo of Mahsa Amini in front of the Iranian embassy in Brussels, Belgium. [2]

The man who was accompanying the fan was also censored for having an Iranian flag in his hands, written "Freedom for women's lives".

The event took place at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium.

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Germans protest

The selection of Germany, in his Qatar Cup debut against Japan, took a stand against Fifa's attitude of threatening to punish anyone who wore the 'One Love' armband.

The protest was marked by the German players covering their mouths with their hands, representing a silencing.

supporter on the field

The Italian Mário Ferri, known as Falcão, invaded the match between Portugal and Uruguay held on Monday (11/28).

The fan held a demonstration in protest about three causes: he ran holding the LGBTQIA+ flag and his shirt had messages written in support of Iranian women and Ukraine.

This is not the first time that Falcão has demonstrated in a World Cup. At World Cup hosted by Brazil in 2014, during the match between Belgium and the United States, at Arena Fonte Nova, he entered the field wearing a T-shirt with the words "Save the children of the favela".

Against racism

Even not using the 'One Love' armband, the English protested in their debut at the 2022 World Cup.

Black player Romelu Lakaku
Kneeling is an act of protest against racism common in football. In the photo, Belgium player Romelu Lukaku during UEFA Euro 2020. [3]

Players knelt on the field as a way of expressing repudiation of racism.

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Silence during the anthem

Iran's national team did not sing the country's anthem in their World Cup debut, in the game against England.

The attitude is a form of support for demonstrations taking place in Iran due to the death of Iranian Mahsa Amini.

Among the Iranian fans accompanying this match, there were some dressed in shirts in support of women's rights.

Denmark protests against violations in Qatar

In the debut of the selection of Denmark in the World Cup, the athletes entered the field with uniforms in which the federation's shield appears camouflaged.

The attitude is a protest against human rights violations in the host country of the championship.

The uniform manufacturer posted the message on the internet.

“This shirt carries a message. We don't want to be visible during a tournament that cost thousands of lives. We support the Danish national team all the time, but that is not the same as supporting Qatar as the host nation."

Hummel's Twitter post with a photo of Denmark's red kit without the crest
Publication by the manufacturer of the German national team's uniform, Hummel.
Credit: Reproduction / Twitter

Flag of Pernambuco confiscated

On Tuesday (22), Brazilian fans reported that Qatari authorities took the flag of state of Pernambuco, when confusing it with the flag of the LGBTQIA+ community.

The event took place after the clash between Saudi Arabia It is Argentina, at the Lusail Stadium.

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LGBTQIA+ community

According to Amnesty International, the Qatar it is one of the 70 countries where homosexuality is criminalized. With the holding of the tournament, the treatment of the LGBTQIA+ community during the event became an agenda.

The Qatari government had announced before the start of the Cup that tourists with different gender identities and sexual orientations would be accepted and that it would not restrict their expressions.

Earlier this month, Qatari Ambassador Khalid Salman said homosexuality was "injury to the mind". The statement was made during an interview with ZDF, a German TV station.

women in qatar

Due to the predominant religion in the country, the Islam, another topic that began to be discussed is about women's freedom.

There, the male guardianship system is adopted, in which women need to ask permission from their guardians (husband, brother, father, among others) in cases of important decisions, such as: getting married, studying in another country, traveling, working in positions public. The information is confirmed by Amnesty International.

Image credits:

[1] SLSK Photography | Shutterstock

[2] Alexandros Michailidis | Shutterstock

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