Educational strategies help in teaching struggling students

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The educational process is an activity that demands time, patience and, above all, a very well-structured interaction between the student and the different universes that surround him.

From the contact with the subjects themselves to the relationship with the teachers, family members and the school environment, these aspects are key elements in the structuring of development educational.

As we are here talking about a group of correlated factors that, together, generate a result, it is very common to find the need for adaptations, such as tutoring, and adjustments in this path, after all, no student is equal to other.

Pedagogical projects and curriculum structures are educational tools that support the work of teachers collectively with students, but there are cases that need attention private.

Situations such as the lack of assimilation of some content, lack of organization to study and the need to a continuous follow-up in the studies can be solved through the right methodology for each case.

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But the question that often remains for family members and educators is: what is the best help for a student's need?

Currently, a lot is said about several techniques and approaches to help in the pedagogical and educational development of students, and the most famous are school reinforcement, the private lessons and tutoring.

With this in mind, we separated some definitions to better understand what is the didactic difference involving these three pedagogical strategies.

It is noteworthy that the advent of technology has facilitated even more the search and application of these educational strategies. Nowadays, you can access an online teacher, private lessons and pedagogical help with one click.

How tutoring works

THE review lesson, also known as school support, aims at a continuous process of extra-class support for the student to better assimilate content.

It is very important for family members to understand that the lack of understanding of some content by the student is a problem.

There are cases in which the school's pedagogical project does not value the student's cognitive skills, and others that demonstrate that the student is not at fault.

School reinforcement then works as an individualized way to facilitate learning, such as through readings and explanations more contextualized with the student's reality, as well as with the adaptation of content to a cognitive reality closer to the student.

Probably after reading this you are probably wondering if tutoring itself would not fulfill the student's teaching demand. It is very important to emphasize that school reinforcement CANNOT replace school. The school itself is a place of learning and social relationships for the student, and the support is not able to supply the cognitive social load of this space.

Private class

Different from tutoring, private lessons are specific aids to some student's needs.

If the student has doubts in understanding how to perform operations with fractions, in physics or chemistry, the private teacher comes in as an assistance so that the student can learn this content.

Usually private lessons are sought when the student has some difficulty or has bad grades at school.

Unlike the other educational strategies mentioned here, the student has a more punctual follow-up in these cases, and not necessarily periodic work.

Private lessons are very useful because they can help to solve a student's immediate problem, making him walk along with his class, but with a parallel help.

It is worth noting that this educational strategy was perhaps the most impacted by the advent of new technologies and the popularization of the internet.

Nowadays, it is possible to find teachers online and have your tutoring class on the internet through websites such as Superprof.

With more than 10 million registered teachers, in the most diverse areas of knowledge, it is possible to schedule private lessons with Superprof over the internet and meet this specific student demand.


With a multidisciplinary and pedagogical assistance, tutoring is perhaps the best educational tool for students who have greater difficulty in learning at school.

With monitoring that goes beyond the pragmatic contents, the tutor is able to diagnose cognitive needs and even even the need for medical monitoring of students, in cases of hyperactivity, attention deficit and other disorders.

The tutor is a professional responsible for monitoring and helping with the student's educational planning, understanding and meeting the student's demands in a personalized way.

This is a widely used possibility because it allows the professional to create a more lasting and empathetic bond with the student and their families.

It is also worth noting that tutoring is not a service aimed only at children, but it is widely used with teenagers and adults as well.

The tutor can be the ideal professional to help you prepare for the entrance exam, choose the course and even prepare a study schedule for those who need to study and work.

Now it's easy to understand the difference between these three educational aids and which one best fits your son or daughter's need. It is interesting to highlight that these educational strategies can also be used by adults and adolescents in the teaching process.

The important thing is to understand that needing help is not wrong. On the contrary, each student needs to understand their particularity so that learning is efficient and, above all, pleasurable.

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