World Social Forum. World Social Forum and globalization

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O World Social Forum (FMS) is an annual international meeting articulated by social movements, NGOs and the civil community to discuss and fight against neoliberalism, imperialism and, above all, against social inequalities caused by the Globalization. It is characterized by being non-governmental and non-partisan, although some parties and party currents actively participate in debates and discussions.

At the FMS meetings, the objective is to promote open decentralized debates, as well as the formulation of proposals that serve as alternatives to the economic and social standard world, the exchange of experiences between the various social movements and the promotion of an articulation between people, movements and institutions that oppose the neoliberalism.

The first meeting of the World Social Forum took place in 2001, in the city of Porto Alegre (RS). At this meeting, four major themes were debated: a) the production of wealth and social reproduction; b) access to wealth and sustainability; c) the affirmation of civil society and public spaces and d) political and ethical power in the new society.

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One of the main objectives of the 2001 WSF was to establish an opposition to the World Economic Forum, held annually since 1974, in Davos (Switzerland), and which is supported by more than a thousand multinational companies, in defense of the improvement and expansion of neoliberalism.

In their charter of principles, members stressed the certainty that “another world is possible”, which represents the belief in the reversibility of the Globalization process. The global character of the meetings was also highlighted, the opposition of the debates to the current capitalist economic model, as well as the principles and rules of the meetings.

The WSF took place in the city of Porto Alegre on several other occasions. In 2006, the event took place simultaneously in three cities: Bamakp, Mali; Caracas, Venezuela, and Karachi, Pakistan. In 2009, it was held in the city of Belém, Pará.

The World Social Forum is by far the main means of combating Neoliberalism and promoting anti-globalization ideals around the world.

By Rodolfo Alves Pena
Graduated in Geography

* Image credits: LeonardoG / Wikimedia Commons

Source: Brazil School -
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