Atmospheric system. Understanding the Atmospheric System

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Atmospheric systems are components of the atmosphere. They provide a dynamic that interacts with all the elements that make it up, in addition to climatic factors, they are responsible for the consolidation of time (Temporary climate condition) and climates (Perennial atmospheric condition or one that has the same climate composition over several decades and does not change quickly), the components are: Air masses and fronts.

air masses: These are portions of atmosphere that originate in more homogeneous regions and that have a constant movement, when the masses move they take with the climatic characteristics of the region from which it originated, as it progresses, it loses part of its characteristics originals.

fronts: correspond to the confrontation of two air masses with different characteristics, when this occurs the air masses interact, this is what happens when the hot air mass meets the air mass. cold; fact that can cause rain.

The circulation and displacement of air masses are derived from the various atmospheric pressures existing in the world, they are: high pressure (anticyclonals) and low pressure (cyclonals).

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types of rain

Orographic: Also called relief rain, this occurs because of the terrain conditions that serve as a barrier to air masses, so when they meet, it generates precipitation.

Convection: Occurs on hot days with great evaporation, it rises vertically, when it reaches a certain altitude it cools down generating rain, this type of precipitation is called torrential rain, it is fast and occurs frequently in the Amazon.

Fronts: This type of rain comes from the meeting of the fronts, that is, the collision between a mass of hot air and a mass of cold air.

The atmosphere is very dynamic, as all the time there are air masses that move around, interact with others and end, the dynamism of the atmosphere is proven when we see a sudden change in weather, when it rains at dawn, in the afternoon it is sunny and at night it rains and cold.

Eduardo de Freitas
Graduated in Geography

Source: Brazil School -

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