The laboratory and chemical analysis

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The advance of science in recent years is notorious, the various scientific discoveries are reported daily on the news, and society, as the main target, cannot stay indifferently, there was an entire process necessary for Science to reach what it is today: the one responsible for discovering the cure for diseases and technology to improve life.
As can be seen, Science plays an important role for society, but what is necessarily needed for the search for new products, theories, elements, in short, all the news about the needs human? The principle and the discovery depart from a common point: the laboratory, that's where all the ideas and their concrete form are born, in this environment work those who seek in the simplest substance, even invisible to the eye (the atom), an explanation for everything that happens in the Universe. And this practice comes from remote times, very old documents already brought reports of experiments used to obtain knowledge, the so-called chemical analysis.
Chemical analysis is the set of laboratory techniques used to identify the chemical species involved in a reaction, as well as the quantity of these species. The laboratory is the appropriate place to carry out experiments, it is essential that it has good lighting, plenty of water, electricity, equipment and a professional: formerly they were called alchemists or even madmen, now better known as scientists. All these items are mandatory to obtain results within the required standards.

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Chemical analyzes allow quantitative and qualitative results, see below what each of these analyzes is about.
Qualitative analysis: allows to identify the composition of the material with the help of appropriate instruments, the result is usually obtained by adding another component to the mixture.
Quantitative analysis: this is more comprehensive, in addition to identifying the material, it is possible to know the quantity of the component in question within the sample.
Science is built on the basis of analyzes carried out in laboratories, now you know where the technological discoveries that constitute modernity come from.
Liria Alves
Graduated in Chemistry

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