Textual Genre Contract: characteristics and example

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A contract is a type of technical writing used to establish a legal relationship between two or more parties. It fits into the legal genre, such as certificates, statutes, laws, regulations, among others.

Because it is widely used in society, it is increasingly essential that the study of this textual genre is included in the curriculum.

The aim is to ensure that students learn to read and understand a contract.
Among the simplest aspects, they must be able to identify the parts and their nature. This prevents them from being confused or misled when faced with any such agreement.


The contract is a document and, as such, must meet certain criteria. Your writing includes:

  • formal language
  • Objectivity
  • Coherence
  • technical vocabulary

Your essay is structurally divided into 3 parts.

In the first, the people who are part of the agreement are identified, and the nature of the contract is described.

In the second, there are clauses with the conditions of the contract. The general provisions are called, which include the responsibilities, terms and conditions agreed which, of course, vary according to the type of document and the needs of each situation.

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The validity of the clauses, however, depends on legal aspects, which are reviewed by lawyers.

The third part is the clasp. It contains place, date, signatures and witnesses, if any.



Through this private instrument of PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT, on the one hand as promissory

SELLER: (name, marital status, nationality, profession, identity and CPF numbers, residence).

BUYER: (name, marital status, nationality, profession, identity and CPF numbers, residence).

First - the Seller, through this PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT, sells to the Buyer, 01 (one) property located (location of the property).

Second - the (a) Seller declares that it has received from the Buyer (a) the amount of (amount in numbers and in words), in the currency of the country. Said property is the rightful property of the Seller, without any liens or mortgage and free of any encumbrances.

Third - the Seller is responsible for himself and his heirs to have nothing to complain about this sale now carried out, nor in the future, giving from the date of discharge, use, possession and domain of said Property to the Buyer.

Fourth - Both parties waive the right to regret this sale now made and undertake not to take any other action to intercept their last legal action.

Fifth- The FORUM DE (Indication of the Forum) is hereby elected to resolve any issues that may arise from this contract that was drawn up, he undertakes to comply with it and for that, signing them in his own hand so that it leads to the legal effects of the law in force.

(Place and date)
Seller Signature
Buyer Signature


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