The Poster as a Textual Genre

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The poster is a textual genre especially marked by its informative function, as well as its appealing function.

There are a number of textual genres used to convey messages; among the various existing ones, the poster is one of the most common, as we often come across them daily.

Other examples of textual genres they are: scientific publications, chronicles, letters, news, shopping lists, encyclopedias, recipes, medicine inserts.

Where do we find this kind of textual genre?

The Poster as a Textual Genre

Posters are everywhere. On the streets: in electoral campaigns, in the announcement of events, in the dissemination of products, in demonstrations, in awareness campaigns; in other places like cinemas, hospitals and schools.

Who reproduces them and for what?

There are professionals dedicated to this area, such as designers, advertisers, plastic artists. Posters are used to convey messages and, taking into account their characteristics, are a means of communication that can effectively reach a large audience.

Function: Informative and Appealing

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The purpose of the poster is to establish an interaction with the recipient of the message, it is to communicate something to someone, which can be simply information about an event - in this case the function is used informative.

The Poster as a Textual Genre
Example of Poster with Informational Function

On the other hand, the objective may be to convince someone, to persuade the recipient to purchase a product, for example. In this case, the appellative function is used, very common in advertising language.

The Poster as a Textual Genre
Example of Poster with Appealing Function

Thus, mechanisms are used that help the message fulfill its role, such as the use of verbal and non-verbal language.

Learn more at Language Functions.

Poster Features

To effectively convey the intended message, the poster features:

  • Use of imperative verbs;
  • Use of verbal and non-verbal language;
  • Short and suggestive text, suitable for the audience;
  • Creativity;
  • Aesthetic concern (harmony between font and image sizes, spacing, use of colors);
  • Use of figures of speech.


Now it's up to you. Make a poster! Follow these steps:

  1. Choose the theme.
  2. Create the message.
  3. Select an image.
  4. Work the letters, colors, spacing and other details.
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