Circular Textual Genre: how to do and example

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Circular is the type of text that fits into technical writing. Used in academic and professional life, it serves to provide information, warn, transmit, give orders and standardize rules.

Because it is an internal document, because it is intended for a certain body or company, it communicates several people at the same time through the same document.

It follows the formal language and, because it presents the content of a document, its structure requires specific care. These precautions differ from those observed in the writing of literary essays.

One of its main characteristics is the objectivity in writing. In technical terms, they are numbered and, as needed, can contain the initials of the person responsible for writing them, as well as typing them.

Circular Structure

The circular must comply with the following structure:

  • Header: identification of the issuing body;
  • Place and date;
  • Circular number: sequential number separated by bar from the year of issue;
  • Vocative: Invocation of the people to whom the document is intended;
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  • Message: formal communication made in a succinct and easy-to-understand manner;
  • Farewell: made simply;
  • Identification and signature of the issuer.

How to make a Circular?

  • Header: Sales Department
  • Place and date: São Paulo, xx xxxx 20xx
  • Circular number: Circular no. xx/20xx
  • Vocative: Dear employees
  • Message: Information about the granting of discounts for the month of August.
  • Farewell: Regards
  • Identification and signature of the issuer: Head of Department

Template: Example of completed circular

Based on the data provided above, write a circular.

Sales department

São Paulo, July 10, 2017.

Circular No. 18/2017

Dear employees,

I hereby inform you that the following discount plan is authorized for the month of August:

  • Sales with cash payment enjoy a 15% discount.
  • Sales with payment until the 15th of August enjoy a 10% discount.
  • Sales with payment until the 31st of August enjoy a 5% discount.

As I have to inform you at the moment, I am at your disposal for any possible queries.


Head of Department

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