TCC Dedication (ready sentences)

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Dedication is a small text in which you pay homage to someone or in which you leave a record to whom you dedicate your TCC (Course Completion Work).

Dedication examples: ready-to-use phrases

  • This work is all dedicated to my parents, as it is thanks to their efforts that I can complete my course today.
  • I dedicate this work to God; without him I would not have the capacity to develop this work.
  • I was thinking of the people who ran this project, so I dedicate this work to all those who this research can help in any way.
  • The conclusion of this work is summed up in dedication, dedication that I have seen over the years in each of the professors of this course, to whom I dedicate this work.
  • I dedicate this work to my fellow students, who like me end a difficult stage of academic life.
  • I dedicate this work to the entire course of (name of course) at the University (name of university), faculty and students, to whom I am flattered to have been a part of it.
  • To my children, my reason for living.
  • I dedicate this work to all those who helped me along this journey.
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  • There is no greater example of dedication than our family. To my dear family, whom I admire so much, I dedicate the result of the effort made along this path.
  • I dedicate this work to my deceased parents, to whom I am grateful for the foundation they gave me to become the person I am today.
  • To my advisor, without whom I would not have been able to complete this difficult task.
  • I dedicate this work to those who collaborated directly with me: my/my coordinator, the Teacher (name of the teacher), without whom I would not have completed this project.

Why is dedication DIFFERENT from TCC acknowledgments?

In TCC, the dedication is different from the acknowledgment because in the acknowledgment you express gratitude to those who effectively helped in your work.

Thus, this part should be aimed at those who contributed in academic terms to your project. It is not mandatory either, but if it is included in the work, it has a title.

How to make a dedication?

Making a dedication is very simple:

Answer: who do you want to dedicate your work to? Do you want to honor someone who helped you directly or indirectly in your project?

Write a simple text. Get inspired by the sentences above or use some and adapt if necessary;

Remember that the dedication is not mandatory, but if you want to do it, it has to be in accordance with only two ABNT standards, which are:

  1. It should be on a sheet just for her and has no title;
  2. Must be inserted after the approval sheet.

TCC acknowledgment: ready examples

  • I thank my coordinator, the Professor (teacher's name) for having agreed to accompany me on this project. His commitment was essential to my motivation as difficulties arose along the way.
  • I express my gratitude to all professionals in the department of (name of department) of the course of (name of course) from the University (university name) for all the support they gave me throughout my work.
  • To the teachers of the course (name of the course) who provided me with all the necessary bases to carry out this work, I thank you with deep admiration for your professionalism.

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