How to develop an essay

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Development is one of the three main elements of writing, be it narrative, descriptive, argumentative, argumentative or explanatory.

Either way, you need to:

  • Express yourself effectively
  • grammatically correct
  • Use originality and creativity
  • Follow the context of the theme

Writing requires fluidity as a way to inform and allow the reader to understand and reflect on the proposed theme.

For greater effectiveness, there are tips that can be used in any of the writing modalities.


Planning is a fundamental element for the success of a good writing. It integrates pre-writing and starts with the search for information on the topic to be developed.

After having substantial enough knowledge to discuss the text, it is necessary to elaborate the theme's chaining schemes.

Thus, whoever writes divides what will be and how it will be approached throughout the theme according to the order of importance and meaning.


Theme: feminism

planning scheme: check what are the historical bases of feminism, authors who deal with the subject and the evolution of the subject throughout history. Search for current data on the topic and situations that involve it.

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Write down in topics what you consider important;
Make a set or skeleton of what you consider important to be covered.

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writing the essay

The newsroom needs to generate ideas and, for that, it is necessary to have arguments. In the text essay-argumentative it is necessary to select the ideas and reveal the subject to the reader through subsidies that were gathered in the research and in the planning.

Ideas need to be developed based on a textual plan:

  • Establish the chronology
  • establish the hierarchy
  • Articulate paragraphs - be cohesive

Important: correctly articulated and well-prepared paragraphs allow the identification of the so-called phrasal topic, which is the sentence where the most relevant idea is exposed and synthesized.

The reader needs to be presented with a logical sequence in order to understand and be led to reflect on the topic.

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