How to make a Synthesis?

meaning of synthesis

One synthesis is a type of text that contemplates the main ideas of another text.

The name itself already indicates that she is a short summary, an overview of the essential ideas and without going into depth. Therefore, it can never be larger than the original text.

Thus, the summary is a text with few words, in which everything secondary is dispensed with.

Note that the synthesis can be from a book, a movie, a novel, a class, etc. Academic syntheses are those produced by university students, made, for example, from a scientific article.

Step-by-step to make a synthesis

  1. Carefully read the text that will synthesize
  2. Highlight the author's main ideas
  3. Connect the ideas in the text
  4. Make the bibliographic indication

To start preparing a synthesis, it is necessary to carefully read the text that will be synthesized so that the most important ideas are present.

Therefore, do not proceed with the production of the text if you still have doubts about the theme and the main ideas pointed out by the author.

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If you feel it is necessary, you can underline and annotate the most important passages, or summarize each paragraph.

Once that's done, it's time to point out the main ideas covered in the text. We must connect these ideas so that the synthesis is a running text, that is, with elaborate paragraphs and not topics.

In this case, textual cohesion and coherence are essential for its synthesis to be clear and objective. The use of connectives it can help in the construction of paragraphs so that the organization of the text is an essential factor for the readers' understanding.

Remember that this type of text is written in third person and you should not post your own opinions. The challenge here is not to alter the original ideas of the author of the text.

Try to understand the keywords, the method used, the objectives, the justification, the arguments, the author's conclusions, etc.

It is also important that your work has a bibliographic indication, that is, the name of the text and the author who will be summarizing.

Synthesis and Summary

We are often confused about the definition of summary and summary. It is true that these two types of texts contain a similar proposal: that of producing another text synthesized from a source.

Although they are very similar, they are different in terms of text dimensions. That is, a summary is less than a summary and punctuates only what is strictly essential and necessary to understand a text.

Check out what we have for you to stay ace in summary:

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Synthesis and Recording

In summary, we should not copy excerpts from the work, which we can do when it comes to listing.

This type of text is widely used by university students, who organize the main ideas of the texts and articles read in factsheets.

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