Approval sheet (ABNT standards)

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The pass sheet is a mandatory element in an academic work. According to ABNT, it must contain:

  1. Name of the author of the work;
  2. Title of the work and, if any, the subtitle;
  3. Type of work (dissertation, TCC);
  4. Purpose of work (approval in subject, desired degree);
  5. Institution name, area of ​​concentration;
  6. Approval date;
  7. Name, title and signature of the elements that are part of the examining board and respective institutions.

Up to item 5 (inclusive) you can copy everything from the cover sheet, which is another mandatory element and which comes before the approval sheet.

The dates and signatures - items 6 and 7 - are filled in after the submission and approval of the work. Thus, when printed, space should be left for this purpose.

Approval sheet template and formatting

Approval Sheet Template

The approval sheet - like any monograph - must be printed on A4 sheet, whose paper must be white or recycled.

In addition to the format and paper, you must pay attention to the following details:


3 cm on left and top margins
2 cm on the right and bottom margins

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Size 12 (recommended)


1.5 between the lines.
Single spacing should be used in the part where the type and objective of the work, name of the institution and area of ​​concentration are stated.

What is an approval sheet?

The approval sheet is a page where the approval of the TCC is registered, with the indication of the date and with the signature of the elements that were part of the examining board.

It has no title, no print of the page number, and must be inserted after the cover page.

It is a pre-textual element, that is, it comes before the academic work itself.

To help you more, read ABNT standards: formatting rules for academic papers.

Bibliographic references

ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) - NBR 14724

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