The Metro and the Yard

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Short distances are represented by the following units: meter and yard. It is quite common to hear the meter unit in football matches, Olympic sports, such as discus and darts, the length of a swimming pool, among other modalities. The yard is widely used in Anglo-American countries, for example, in American football, which is played with the hands, and the distances covered by players are represented across the yard.
We say that 1 yard is approximately 0.91 meters. So, to perform the conversion, just relate the two measures in a simple rule of three, note:
1 yard 0.91 meters

Example 1

In a football game, a player covered 28 yards on one shot. Determine how many meters he covered.
1 yard 0.91 meters
28 yards x meters
x = 0.91 * 28
x = 25.48 meters (approximately)
Example 2

In a football game, a player threw the ball for approximately 35 meters. Calculate this toss in yards.
1 yard 0.91 meters
x yard 35 meters
0.91x = 35
x = 35/0.91
x = 38.5 yards (approximately)

by Mark Noah
Graduated in Mathematics
Brazil School Team

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