Meaning of Promise (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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promise is the commitment to do something. A person who promises something means he is committed to it.

A promise is understood as a vow or a declaration made to another party, recording the future intention to fulfill what was promised. As a guarantee of payment, in which one of the parties is obliged to do what they promised the other. Otherwise, I shouldn't have made the commitment. As in the following sentence, found in the Bible: “It is better not to make promises than to make them and not keep them”, Ecclesiastes 5:5.

Figuratively speaking, the promise may still be a remote hope. When you say "but this was only in the promise", it means that what was promised was not fulfilled. Or when it is said that "it is an empty promise", it means that the commitment will not be honored.

The word promise is very popular in the political arena, associated with the candidates' projects and speeches during the electoral campaign period. Common sense understands that political promises are in vain, that is, they are words spoken without corresponding to a commitment to future action.

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In the Christian religion, a promise is a vow made to the saints or to God. When a devotee makes a promise to a particular saint, for example, he usually asks for some blessing, whether spiritual or physical. The believer undertakes to pay a kind of penance if his prayer is answered. Among the most common promises in the Catholic Church in Brazil, for example, is the pilgrimage to the Basilica of Nossa Senhora de Aparecida, on her knees or barefoot, as payment for the promise to the Saint due to a grace achieved.

The great promise of God, mentioned in the Bible, was the coming of the Messiah to Earth for the salvation of men. Promise fulfilled at the birth and sacrifice of the life of his son Jesus.

The expression "I give you my word" means the same as "I promise you".

Purchase and Sale Promise

A buy and sell promise is a kind of extrajudicial contract made between two parties to record the intention to buy and the consequent acceptance by the seller. Especially used in real estate.

Synonymous with Promise

  • Appointment
  • Commitment
  • Covenant
  • Word
  • Obligation
  • Vote
  • Oath
  • Swear
  • Hope
  • Expectation

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