Meaning of Rascal (What it is, Concept and Definition)

Rascal is a term used to characterize the individual known as act maliciously, shameless, characterless, deceitful and with bad intentions.

When a certain person is said to be a rogue, it means that he is dishonest, a cheat or a scoundrel. This is a pejorative word and conveys the idea of ​​something negative about the person who is the target of this adjective.

In Brazil, this term can still be used as synonymous with bohemian, a person who likes to party and enjoy the pleasures of life, ignoring obligations and responsibilities.

Another meaning for this term may relate to that individual who is Coward, shy, weak or fearful. However, this definition of rascal is usually unusual in Brazil.

Example: "When the police arrived, the rascals hid in closets".

THE rascality is a word derived from rascal and means the behavior that is characteristic of this type of person.

Synonyms for rascal

  • You bastard;
  • Rogue;
  • Rascal;
  • Thief;
  • Awesome;
  • Coward;
  • Trickster;
  • Fearful;
  • Evil;
  • Tractor;
  • Mariola;
  • Safardana.

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