Meaning of Tense (What it is, Concept and Definition)

Keyed up it has different meanings, it depends on where it is used. tense can be something stretched out tightly, what it was stretched out. Tense is also an adjective for an individual who is extremely focused, their attention is tense. A tense person can also mean that they are nervous and anguished.

The word tense is linked to an internet phenomenon, because it gave rise to several funny or unusual images where a person or animal demonstrates that they are "tense". Thus, hundreds of emoticons were created that have this theme.

There is also a well-known blog on the internet called Tenso. It is a humor blog, updated with great frequency and it deals with the most diverse subjects, mainly those that are on the agenda.

There is a well known website called Não Salvo, which covers all the topics that are being talked about on the internet. It's a humor blog, has several videos and images and is very popular on Twitter as well.

In the context of music, the country duo Fernando & Sorocaba released in 2012 a song entitled "É Tenso".

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