Meaning of Proceeding (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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to proceed means the action of that that follow, which continues, but can also indicate a behavior, a way of acting, or the origin.

When giving instructions on how to do something, one person may indicate the other using the term proceed: "you must proceed as follows", and then give the instructions.

As a verb, proceed indicates what follows, which gives sequence. As in the sentence "It is not possible to proceed with the matter because we need an answer".

Proceeding can also represent that which comes from something or place, as in the example: "I bought that wine because it was of good origin". It is also said of the family origin: "she comes from a traditional family in the city".

And it can still be simply doing something, as in "read the records", which means that the records were read.

In Brazilian Justice, the verb to proceed is still used as a synonym for filing a lawsuit. "Proceded against the employer" means that a lawsuit was filed in the Labor Court.
It is also an expression used to confirm some information. In an interrogation, for example, someone questions the subject about certain actions, and ends up asking the interlocutor for confirmation with the use of the word proceeds. As in the sentence: "According to the case file, you were drunk when you got into the vehicle. Proceed?” In other words, does it make sense, is it true what is being said?

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Proceed and Precede

Although very similar, the words proceed and precede can be distinguished in their meaning. Preceding means in front of, arriving before. Preceding the request is anticipating what will be requested. While proceeding with the order is to execute it after it is done.

Synonyms of Proceed

  • Advance
  • Proceed
  • follow
  • Continue
  • To result
  • Procedure
  • Conduct
  • Behavior
  • Come from
  • originate
  • elapse
  • Act
  • Drive

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