Meaning of Interjection (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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Interjection is every word that expresses feelings and emotions in different ways. Examples: ah!, phew!, yup!, etc.

Interjections are almost always followed by an exclamation point, which can be immediately after them or at the end of the sentence: Examples: Credo! how horrible!. Goodbye My friends!

The meaning of each interjection always depends on the context in which it appears and the intonation with which it is pronounced. Example: psiu! (shortly) – calling, shriek! (stretched) – request for silence.

When the interjection is expressed by more than one word, it is called interjective phrase. Examples: oh balls!, cross credo!, hello!

Some examples of interjections and the emotional states they express:

  • joy: ah! oh! haha! alive! Hallelujah!
  • warning: beware! attention!
  • relief: phew! cool! oh!
  • animation: courage! forward! let's go! strength! firm!
  • ok, applause: bravo! bis! alive! Good!
  • call, call: hello! Helo! shhh! help! Hey!
  • agreement: of course! yea! may I help! OK!
  • wish: oh hello! will take! could!
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  • disapproval: creed! outside! enough! quite frankly! xi! wow!
  • pain, pity: oh! Hey! what a pity! alas!
  • doubt, disbelief: which! which what! yes! Hmm! Oops! now!
  • amazement: oh! chi!, huh!
  • impatience, annoyance: hum! huh! rays! wow!
  • fear, terror: woe! creed! crosses!
  • greeting: save! bye! alive! Hey! Hello! Helo!
  • silence: shhh! silence!
  • surprise, admiration: wow! heavens! damn it! Oops! Virgin! dust! Wow!
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