Meaning of Effusive (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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Effusive is an adjective from the Portuguese language used to designate someone or something who has great ease of communication, who expresses himself easily and who has ardor and vehemence in what he says. That behaves with effusion, whether as a form of expression or reaction to something.

An effusive act is totally free from feelings such as shyness and sadness. THE effusiveness (action of being effusive) is characterized by exaggerated displays of affection and affection, usually associated with superficial, ephemeral or false emotions.

An effusive greeting, hug, or embrace is a greeting that is delivered with emotion.

Synonyms for effusive

  • warm
  • communicative
  • expansive
  • fervent
  • vehement
  • enthusiastic
  • sociable
  • exaggerated
  • ardor

effusive people

Effusive people naturally have a great facility to talk or interact with other individuals, whether in small groups or large crowds.

However, effusiveness can have a pejorative connotation, associating the individual with someone who is annoying, intrusive, inconvenient or even false. This is because, normally, an effusive person acts very intimately with other individuals who do not have this same characteristic.

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