Meaning of Recycling (What it is, Concept and Definition)

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Recycling is the process that aims to transform used materials into new products with a view to their reuse. Per In this process, materials that would be destined for permanent waste can be reused. It is a term that has been increasingly used as an alert to the importance of preserving natural resources and the environment.

It is possible to recycle different materials such as glass, plastic, paper or aluminum. Recycling these materials provides a more rational use of non-renewable natural resources and a reduction in water, air and soil pollution. For Industry, recycling often has the advantage of lowering production costs. The population also benefits from recycling, which is the source of income for many workers who obtain materials from urban waste that can be sold to recycling companies.

The selection of materials for recycling follows a system of colors established in warehouses that may vary in different countries. In Brazil, to facilitate the separation of waste, the colors of recycling bins were defined as follows:

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  • blue: paper/cardboard
  • red: plastic
  • green: glass
  • yellow: metal
  • black: wood
  • orange: hazardous waste
  • white: healthcare waste
  • purple: radioactive waste
  • brown: organic waste
  • gray: non-recyclable general waste

The symbol used for recycling is a triangle made up of three black arrows arranged in a clockwise direction. The arrows represent the industry, the consumer and the recycling itself, defining a cycle. Recyclable packaging has this symbol.

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