What is the difference between tuberous root, tubercle and bulb?

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If you don't know what the difference between tuberous root, tubercle and bulb, this article was written with you in mind. Read on to understand the differences between them, and the characteristics of each.

The main difference between tuber, tuberous root and bulb is in which part of the plant develops to accumulate energy.

You tubers accumulate on the stem, as is the case of potatoes and yams, while the tuberous roots they keep energy in their roots, and we have carrots and beets as an example. O bulb, in turn, also accumulates nutrients in the stem, but has a different and flattened shape, like onions and garlic.


Tubers are the vegetables where the stem is the developed part, to accumulate nutrients, being this developed part that serves us as food. They have an underground stem, usually rounded and hypertrophied, to accumulate more nutrients.

The roots of the tuber, on the other hand, are responsible for fixing it to the soil, and they do not accumulate nutrients, they only absorb and conduct them. You best known examples of tubers are the potato, the yam and the yam.

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Tuberous root

Are those that grow underground. Its nutrients accumulate within the root, and its stem is partially above the surface. The most common tuberous roots are radishes, beets, sweet potatoes, carrots and cassava.


You bulbs they also develop and accumulate energy in their stem, however, unlike tubers, they have a flattened shape, called a plate. The best known examples of bulbs are onion and garlic.

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