MEC course will train 500,000 teachers in financial education

A partnership between the Ministry of Education (MEC) and the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) intends to make available financial education courses for the professionalization of 500 thousand teachers. The objective of the measure is to prepare educators so that they develop in students the skills of entrepreneurship and financial health.

The prediction is that the courses begin in July this year and are intended for all basic education teachers in the country's public and private networks. According to MEC, the goal is to reach at least 25% of the 2.3 million teachers. On the other hand, around 20 to 25 million students, especially those in the last years of elementary school, will benefit.

The aim is to implement the theme “financial education” in a transversal way in the disciplines that already exist in the grid, without the need to create a new subject.

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"The courses will address the following topics: savings formation, conscientious consumption, investment guidance, protection against financial fraud, development of habits and attitudes that contribute to financial well-being”, declares Renato Brito, director of teacher training and valuing education professionals at the Ministry of Education.

CVM will be in charge of developing and operating the platform where the modules will be offered, which will have a workload of 40 hours and will take place in the Distance Learning (DL) modality. The Commission will also be responsible for monitoring teachers and issuing certifications.

"It will be up to the schools to publicize and offer the courses to their teachers and the MEC will have the role of publicizing the platform with the schools and departments and to carry out the articulation with the networks and education systems for the implementation of the courses”, he says Brito. MEC will also participate in the measure by offering technical and pedagogical support with CVM.

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