What is? Answers to frequently asked questions.

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the section "What is?" is a channel created by Brasil Escola for you who are always questioning yourself, full of doubts and, of course, looking for answers! Here, you can find the definition of countless concepts and terms that we come across daily and that, many times, we don't know what it is.

Thinking about these common questions that sometimes leave us full of questions, Brasil Escola created this channel. You can navigate between disciplines and find the answers you need clearly and objectively.

This channel is divided into disciplines to facilitate your browsing. Do you want to know about the themes of each of them? Brasil Escola will give you the answer! And, if that doesn't happen, you can help us by suggesting themes through the Contact us or also by email customer [email protected].

See below:

In this channel, you can find answers to numerous questions.
In this channel, you can find answers to numerous questions.

What is Biology?

The science that studies life brings a multitude of concepts. In this section, you can find topics such as:

What is protein?

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What is cancer?

What is virus?

What is an antibiotic?

What is cell?

What is Geography?

Here, you can discover the relationships between society and space, as well as understand:

What is urbanization?

What is inflation?

What is globalization?

What is global warming?

What is privatization?

What is Mathematics?

Mathematics, in addition to teaching problem solving, presents concepts that we often don't know what they mean. Do you know:

What is a prime number?

What is function?

What is trigonometry?

What is probability?

What is cosine law?

What is Physics?

Physics is the science that studies nature and we sometimes wonder what the nature of many things is. You know, for example:

What is an electric field?

What is a magnet?

What is heat?

What is sound?

What is gravity?

What is History?

History, by itself, provides answers to countless questions that we carry along our trajectory, in order to understand our past. And you, what do you want to know about this discipline?

What is fascism?

What is military dictatorship?

What is World War I?

What is corruption?

What is democracy?

What is Chemistry?

Chemistry is the science responsible for the study of matter. There are several processes that leave us intrigued, isn't it? What do you want to know about this discipline?

What is the ozone layer?

What is radiation?

What is a chemical element?

what are drugs?

What is Cesium-137?

What is Portuguese?

The fifth most spoken language in the world, certainly, raises many doubts for those who study it. What's yours?

What is crasis?

What is preposition?

What is a pronoun?

What is bet?

What is linguistic variation?
By Rafaela Sousa
Graduated in Geography


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