Deodorants and antiperspirants: what's the difference?

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You can even pronounce both together referring to just one type of product: antiperspirant deodorants. The truth is that there is a huge difference, chemically speaking, between them.
Deodorants: the active ingredient is in fragrances, they mask odors. They also have antibacterial agents to eliminate the bacteria present in sweat.
Deodorants can also contain zinc peroxide to promote the chemical reaction of breaking down (oxidation) of fatty acids and amines (present in sweat) into smaller compounds with less bad smell.
Antiperspirants: the most common are composed of Aluminum Hydrochloride, Aluminum Chloride or other substances derived from aluminum. They act by inhibiting perspiration, thus, they are more efficient in controlling odors.
The astringent action of antiperspirants consists in compressing the sweat glands so that they no longer produce sweat. However, studies alert to possible tumors in the armpit region, resulting from the use of this type of product.
Now, do you know where all this stench that we exhale every day comes from? Fatty acids and amines (already mentioned) all these compounds are present in our body and some of them give an unpleasant smell. That's why we have to take care of ourselves by using products that alleviate some of the socially undesirable smell.

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By Líria Alves
Brazil School Team

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