The importance of fieldwork in the study of Geography

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Geography, as we know, is the science that studies the geographic space with regard to the relationship between society and nature. Therefore, both the space produced by rural and urban societies and the superficial natural space are objects of study of this important science, which operates its methods and approaches in categories of analysis such as landscape, place, region and territory.

In this sense, the execution of empirical studies in loco they are of fundamental importance for the observation of the objects analyzed by this science, being also very useful in teaching Geography both in higher education and in basic education. It is a tool that allows you to verify, confirm or falsify data and information, in addition to being able to provide new perspectives for what is being researched.

The objects of analysis in a field work can be the most varied, such as: the impact of the installation of a large industry on a region; environmental problems in the city; a visit to an agricultural area; in addition to any other social or natural manifestation that takes place over geographic space.

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It is clear that, for a better implementation of this methodology, both for didactic purposes of a field class as for the purposes of academic or scientific studies, good planning is needed. For this, it is necessary, first, to carry out a survey of data and information through the consultation with specific bodies, such as IBGE, IPEA and others, depending on the theme that will be addressed. In addition, it is important to prior survey of bibliographic references specialized in the study in question and also those focused on the practice of fieldwork.

Next, it is necessary to establish the plan's scripts, namely: the objectives, the methods, the development the work, the materials used and the prior knowledge needed to understand the topic under study. In this way, there is no risk of carrying out an incomplete or unfinished fieldwork, which requires a new visit to the studied area. Therefore, a practical work, in order to be endowed with greater efficiency, necessarily requires a good office work, as this will provide the basis for the empirical study to be undertaken.

As we can see, fieldwork is very important for Geography, given that this area of ​​knowledge, as it relates to space and its multiple variables, is essentially practical and effectively dynamic, being impossible to think only from theoretical concepts and bibliographic.

By Me. Rodolfo Alves Pena

Source: Brazil School -

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