Boa: habitat, characteristics and food

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At pythons they are reptiles of the family boidae, the family where the biggest snakes on the planet are found. She is considered the second largest species in the national territory, second only to the anaconda. These snakes are very feared for their large size, however, as we will see below, they are not all that dangerous animals.

Scientific name

The scientific name of the boa constrictor is Good constrictor.The term constrictor is related to a capacity of this snake: that of kill prey by constriction of your body. Currently, pythons are classified into 11 subspecies, and of these 11, only two are present in Brazilian territory. Are they: good amarali constrictor and good constrictor constrictor.

See now the complete taxonomic classification of the boa constrictor:

Kingdom: animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: reptile



Gender: Good

Species:good constrictor


Boas have different color patterns.
Boas have different color patterns.

Boas are animals that have a big bodylong and cylindrical.Its size is a striking feature, with individuals up to

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four meters long. Females, when compared to males, stand out for having a larger size.

THE coloring of the pythons is varied and, depending on the subspecies, we can observe different patterns. Some individuals, for example, have the color Gray predominant; others, the color Brown; and there are also those that have a very dark coloration, almost in the shade of black. At Scales the pythons are small and irregular.

THE head of the pythons is very detached from the rest of its body and has a rectangular shape (see next figure). the eyes present vertical pupils. This animal has a well-developed body musculature, being this fundamental musculature to compress the body of its prey. To capture it, these snakes have developed senses, being able to capture thermal, chemical and visual stimuli.

The boar's head has a very characteristic triangular shape.
The boar's head has a very characteristic triangular shape.

Boas are animals that have a relatively high life expectancy. On average, these animals can live for 25 to 30 years.


The pythons are snakes found in several regions givesCentral AmericaandSouth America. In Brazil, it is common to find pythons in the Amazon, at Atlantic forest, at the thick, at Caatinga and in the wetland.

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pythons are animals more active at night, however, they can be observed during the day in search of a place to shelter. They are found both on the ground and on trees, showing, therefore, habits terrestrial and semi-arboreal.

The boa constrictor is a carnivorous animal that kills its prey by compressing their bodies.
The boa constrictor is a carnivorous animal that kills its prey by compressing their bodies.

To capture its prey, the boa constrictor exhibits a behavior known as "sit-wait". As the name suggests, the pythons remain in places where they are not easily seen and wait for the moment their food reaches them. After capture, the boa constrictor wraps its body around the animal, rolling it up and squeezing it until the breathing movements cease and the prey dies from asphyxia. Thus, contrary to what some people think, the snake does not kill its prey due to broken bones.

After killing its prey, the boa constrictor swallow it whole. To facilitate ingestion, first, the boa constrictor swallows the animal's head and, later, the rest of the body. This way of ingesting the prey prevents the limbs from opening up and making swallowing difficult.

when they feel threatened, boa constrictors have a characteristic behavior. They they contract their head and neck and emit a high-pitched sound. In addition, pythons can eliminate feces and bite the predator.

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the boa constrictor is a carnivorous animal, which preferentially feeds on small rodent mammals, which it kills by asphyxiation. They can also feed on some amphibians, birds, other reptiles, such as lizards, and also on the eggs of other animals.

Is it poisonous?

The pythons are snakes that have a dentition named aglyph, that is, that not specialized in venom inoculation. Thus, we can say that the boa constrictor is relatively harmless to human beings. To kill its prey, the python uses its strong musculature.

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Boas are different animals from most reptiles, as they are viviparous. This means that the embryos of the pythons develop inside the mother's body, giving birth to puppies already formed. Therefore, it should be clear that boa constrictors do not lay eggs.

On average, a boa constrictor gives birth to 15 to 30 puppies, at each gestation, which are born with a size of approximately 50 centimeters in length and a weight that can reach 120 grams.

Difference between anaconda and anaconda

The anaconda (Murinus Eunectes), also called anaconda, is a species of snake that has many common features with the boa constrictor. The first of them is that they both have great length, however, the anaconda stands out as the largest species in our country. An anaconda can be up to 10 meters long. The anaconda, as well as the boa constrictor, kill your fangs by constriction.

One difference that can be found between anaconda and anaconda is in the fact that the anaconda features essentially aquatic habits, although it also moves on the ground. The boa constrictor, in turn, has a predominantly terrestrial and semi-arboreal habit.

Curiosity: Did you know that, in Brazil, the sale of boa constrictor as a pet is allowed? However, it is essential to know the place where the animal is being purchased. The sale is only allowed in places that have IBAMA registration and authorization. Always remember that the trade in wild animals, without all permits and registrations, is a crime. Therefore, this animal cannot be removed from nature.
By Ma. Vanessa Sardinha dos Santos
Boa: characteristics, reproduction, classification

Boa: characteristics, reproduction, classification

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