Abu Bakr Muhammed ibn Zakariya al-Razi, latin

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Radical philosopher and gifted Persian physician born in Ravy, near Tehran, Persia. He wrote about almost every aspect of medicine and, among numerous works on medicine, the most important was al-Hawi (The Comprehensive Book, or Liber continens, as it became known in medieval Europe), a huge encyclopedia on medicine, originally in 20 volumes, of which 10 survived.

It contained almost everything about Greek, Syrian, and Arabic medicine and included virtually every topic on the importance of medicine. His personal experiences and observations as a physician made al-Hawi an extraordinary milestone in the history of medicine. He wrote De Variolis et Morbillis (870), in which he systematically described the differences between smallpox and measles. He practiced medicine brilliantly in Ravy and later in Baghdad. He wrote a book, now disappeared, about the tricks of the prophets, where he justified his disbelief in miracles and preached the harmfulness of religions.

He defended the equality between men as well as that they did not need a religious discipline during their lives. For him men like Hippocrates and Euclid were far more important than any religious leader. He wrote many medical manuals that earned him a great reputation as a physician and also made important contributions to alchemy and philosophy, although most of these works are lost, but his opinions in other areas, due to his radicalism, earned him a lot unpopularity.

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He classified the materials used by alchemists into: bodies (metals), stones, vitriols, boraxes, salts and spirits, these the sublimables such as mercury, sulfur, gold-pigment, replegar or ammonium sulfide and ammonia salt or chloride ammonium. His writings strongly influenced the Islamic world as much as Western Europe in the Middle Ages. He regarded himself as an anti-Aristotelian, admirer of Plato and receptive to the atomic theory of matter, and he died in his hometown.

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