Constituent terms of the clause

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From the moment we have the skills to express ourselves through language, we bring with us an ability to organize and structure the sentences, sentences and, why not say, the periods, which we utter through the communications daily. We give this ability the name of internalized grammar.

Over time, when we acquire a deeper knowledge, as soon as we discover that the language we speak is governed by a system, a system of norms once prescribed by grammar in general and which becomes common to every user - the call normative grammar. Through it, we learn a lot about the facts that guide the linguistic system in general, and so we pass to find that all the assumptions with which we establish familiarity are useful for us to make use of, about everything, in all situations considered formal dialogue.

In this sense, the language itself provides us with a distinct range of possibilities in the sense of structuring the elements expressed in a given prayer context, as long as we are aware that this mobility is related to

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syntactic organization, that is, the way in which we place each term in its proper place, bearing in mind the relationship that they all establish among themselves, articulating each other.

So, when we emphasize about the place they occupy, we are referring to the function that play. Thus, information attests that we only start to discover it when we keep in contact with the so-called "constituent terms of the prayer", once highlighted through this section, which we elaborated thinking of yourself, dear user. Among the important issues that will be discussed here are:

# Essential terms of prayer

# Terms belonging to it


# Accessory terms that apply to it.

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By Vânia Duarte
Graduated in Letters

Source: Brazil School -

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